What is an Esports Tower Coach?

Just as you’ll find in traditional sports, a coach helps the team train against other teams (aka ‘scrim’) in order to improve. Things like running a practice, game planning, reviewing film, and managing personalities are very similar to coaching traditional sports athletes. The only thing a bit different is that most esports players have never been part of an organized sports team. 


Esports Tower coaches work closely with the players and teams, to motivate them, identify their strengths and weaknesses and make sure they are playing at their best. They will develop strategies and analyze opponents in order to win as many matches – and tournaments – as possible.


Because teamwork and cohesion are often the missing link between traditional athletes and esports players, we have developed an exclusive Esports Tower ApproachTM . Joining our team you’ll be expected to lead your trainees using our 12-level program that’s geared towards instilling sportsmanship, teamwork and supporting athlete’s mental health helping them build confidence, engender trust and gain the collaboration skills needed to succeed in team sports.


Interested In Coaching?

As an Esports Tower coach you’ll be responsible for every aspect relating to performance within a team. This includes, but is not limited to, growth of individual skill of the players, team cohesion, in-game strategy, motivational responsibilities and discipline. Coaches may also be required to record videos of matches, watch them back, keep up to date with the game in question, make notes and arrange scrims.


Ways that you can work with us.

It takes a team to put on tournaments and keep all our clubs running. Here are some of the functions we have supporting our club members and tournament events...



Head Coach

Responsible for overall club plan and team



Team Coach

Responsible for club teams & player



Assistant Coach/Coach in Training

Responsible for supporting players and coaches



Site Manager

Manage on-site in-person clubs

Event Manager

Manage tournament logistics

Customer Success Manager

Ensure member, attendee, parent, player, sponsor satisfaction.

Data Scientist

Maintains operations, consumer and marketing data to gain insights for product development

Streaming Tech

Setting up, and monitoring, all streams by our teams, coaches, events, tournaments, and more. 

Human Resources Manager

Recruiting, hiring, training and development


Recruits the best esports coaches, and more.

Benefits Specialist

Develop and monitor benefit programs for our staff, and more. 

Training and Development

Creates and implements training programs to help new and existing coaches develop their knowledge, skills, and more.


Accounts receivable, accounts payable



Business Development

Sales role tasked with securing sponsorships, media partners, and more.


Creative Director

Managing the content team, planning content, advertising, and campaigns, and more.


Content Team

Ensures all assets for creative are secured.



Maintain website, landing pages, click funnels, create ads, social posts, leader boards, player features and more.



Write for website, marketing, video scripts, press releases, social posts and more.


Audio Tech

Setting up sound equipment and assisting with recordings and sound production for content, ads, and more.


Video Tech

Using video equipment and assisting with recording production for content, ads, and more.



Editing all video content that will be used for branded content, advertisements, and more. 


Social Media

Manage conversations across social media, instant messaging platforms.


Community Manager

Lead events and social interactions that bring together our community.